Pre Trip Sketching

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

-Saint Augustine

One of my favorite parts about travel, aside from the travel itself, is the preplanning and research that happens months and weeks before the date of departure. These preparations creates the palpable excitement that intensifies to the point of lift off.

I am certainly not a planner that wants to know where I’m going to be every minute of the day. I look at it more as planned improvisation. I see it as the framework but I also want to be open to the serendipitous events that can happen when away from home far away. The event you can never plan for but plan to be open to.

One thing that I booked weeks before my autumn trip to New England, was an afternoon whale watching trip out of Bar Harbor, Maine.

EC Pelagic Card

A pre sketch design sketch.

I love whale watching cruises on the West Coast and I have enjoyed seeing humpback, Gray, and blues whale as well as orcas and other dolphins. And I have also enjoyed pelagic birding trips so I was looking forward to Birding on an east coast whaling trip.

You don’t always have a whole lot of time to identify pelagic birds as they pass by so I was going to do a little homework to help me with my fieldwork.

This involves doing a lot of research through field guides and reference books and distilling that knowledge and putting it into a single sketch.

One of the top birds on my East Coast pelagic wish list was great shearwater and I was hoping to see a Manx shearwater too.

Manx shear

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