Hello From the Golden Gate

The Golden Gate Bridge is perhaps the most photographed bridge in the world, so for my first post, I add to the endless body of images of this California icon. Why? If you want to overcome your fear of sketching in public, first choose a Sunday morning in July and then select a slightly unorthodox view of one of the biggest tourist attractions in California: the Golden Gate Bridge (from Fort Point), made famous in Hitchcock’s Vertigo. I can just imagine seeing James Stewart pulling a near lifeless Kim Novak from the frigid waters below the arching span. But I can also hear the rumble of yet another tour bus that deposits it’s load of tourists, a school group in this case, all rushing to the rusted chain barrier, stopping and photographing the bridge (yet again) with camera or phone and then posing for a group photo as the tour guide barks out orders in a Monty Pythonesque voice (don’t ask, I just live here). All the while the sketcher tries to fain obliviousness to the horde that are almost perched on his left shoulder. Maybe they are even photographing me. Everyone becomes part of the scenery and spectacle in San Francisco. It was much more difficult to fain obliviousness when the big man with his big dog passed by. The big dog looks to be the breed that you see on local evening newscasts, you know, the dog that has the noose around it’s neck as three animal control officers try to wrestle the beast into the back of a wagon. Yes that type of dog. And his massive head was inches from my face!

Well, I survived (journal intact) and the big man with the big dog offered the art critique and the slightly creepy admission: “I like your picture. I was looking over your shoulder.” (I know because I wrote it down as I write down all comments I hear while sketching.)

Just another day sketching in the City.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The big dog, the big man and the big bridge.


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