Peregrine Crossing

“The excitement of seeing a peregrine stoop cannot be defined by the use of statistics.”

J. A. Baker

The Peregrine

On most afternoons I am treated with a sighting of one of the most revered birds in the avian world. A wanderer that is found on every continent with the exception of Antarctica.

On some afternoons I can see the bird perched on the power tower, just to the right of the Crystal Springs Bridge. Or if you are a Bay Area Native, it’s the tower nearest the “Flintsone” house.

But on this early morning the peregrine falcon was extremely close. Just a few yards in front of my car. As I turned east on Bunker Hill Road, crossing over Highway 280, the deadly slate and white bolt crossed within yards of my car. The peregrine was following the river of road on a northern heading toward the peregrine perch along Crystal Springs.

Anytime I see a peregrine is a good omen. This powerful predator was near the brink with about seven pairs in the entire state of California. Now, with the intervention of the species that is the most harmful, the peregrine is no longer on the brink and it can be common enough, that I see one almost every week on my commute.

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