2018 Holiday Linocut Print

This year I was up to my ears in report cards and conferences and I have little fuel in the tank to create my annual holiday linocut prints. But once I started to sketch out designs for this year’s print, my artistic batteries started to recharge.

Two of my previous snowman prints at my mother’s house. The one above is from 2007 and the print below is from eight years later. I have definitely improved my technique and understanding of the medium.

Since 2007 I stopped buying things for family and friends and I started to create an annual  holiday snowman print instead. This seemed to me to be in the true spirit of Christmas gift giving. You weren’t going to find me queuing in front of a big box store on Black Friday at an unGodly hour, ready to stimulate our consumer-rich economy! I pulled out a sketch book instead!

Snowtree sketch

I thought that I wanted a snowman standing in front of a conifer. I first conceived the design as being symmetrical with the silhouetted tree and snowman in alignment. Adding a scarf  was going to throw off the symmetry but I can’t resist a flowing, wind-blown scarf!

After I had decided on a final design, it was now time to carve the imagine into linoleum. You never get a true sense of what the print will look like until you charge the block and make your first test print.


Printing is not always a very a pretty process. I use oil-based ink because I hand tint the prints with watercolor. This is very messy and I only want to do it once so my print run was 20 prints.

Happy Holiday to all and a Happy New Year!

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