Above Golden Pond

I had seen Squam Lake from lake view on my pontoon boat tour and now it was time to see Squam from above.

And the best place to do this was a 40 minute hike up to West Sidewinder Ridge.

From the granite park, you look down as the fir and pine fingers that seem to reach out into the waters of Squam.

Today was a beautiful afternoon and even on a Tuesday, the car park was filled to capacity. By the time I was at the peak, there were groups of people enjoying the views and sunshine.


I found my little sketcher’s hallow and found a crack in the granite to secure my sling bag. I then started sketching the contours of the lake in my Strathmore panoramic watercolor journal.

Grasshoppers and wasps were my companions and the wasps investigated me until satisfied that I was not a source of food and then left me alone to enjoy my sketch.


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