Sketching on Chickadee

Ever since shelter in place, the Residents of Chickadee Court in Penn Valley, have had happy hour most Fridays (or Mondays or Wednesdays or Thursdays etc.)

They sit at the end of the street, six feet apart of course and drink vino and have a good chinwag. Some stay in their golf carts, while other sit in folding chairs.

I took this time to sit across from the rest to get a sketch in while a neighbor from another street played guitar. I decided that I was not going to sketch everything in front of me. Instead, I selectively sketched, creating little snapshots of the scene. I did not use a pencil under sketch but sketched with my brush pen and added shadow with Daniel Smith Shadow Violet watercolor.

Another subject for my brush pen was my mother’s new puppy, Murphy. Murphy spends much of the time sleeping, making him an easy subject to get a quick sketch in before he changes sleep positions. I have included my favorite sketch above.

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