Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta dominates the landscape for miles around.

When you are on Highway 5 in Northern California. Mt. Shasta is a beacon. This perpetual snow covered mountain has a long geologic and human history. In the Native Karuk language they named this mountain “White Mountain”.

At 14,162 feet Mt. Shasta is the tallest mountain in this part of the southern Cascade Range.

Because Mt. Shasta seems always to be within eyesight, when in this part of the Golden State, it seemed that I had to sketch it. The tough decision was from what of the infinite perspectives would I sketch the mountain.

I drove around Shasta City and there were many great perspectives but some marred by buildings or power lines so I headed out to the sticks: Lake Siskiyou.

I found some good views from the shoreline but they would have been better it I was on a boat in the middle of the lake or on that far shoreline if I could only figure out how to get there.

I didn’t find what I was looking for so I continued on driving around the lake, which is really a reservoir made by damming the Sacramento River. I thought the road I was on was going to circle around the lake but at one point it started to head away from Lake Siskiyou. I pulled over and I looked back from where I came and I realized that I had found my sketching perspective! Behind me, Shasta rose above the forested, foreground hills.

I pulled out my sketching stool and gear and had a pleasant encounter sketching Shasta by the side of the road with the two ravens and the stream beside as my companions.

The logo for the McCloud River Railroad was designed by school children in a contest. It features a bear balanced on a log with a fish. And behind is the ever present Mt. Shasta.
Mt. Shasta in the background and the McCloud Railroad in the foreground. This is near the point where the railroad joins the Union Pacific mainline in the appropriately named Shasta City.

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