McCloud River Railroad Number 25

Out on the coast of Oregon, north of Tillamook, is a 97 year old screen queen that is still riding the steel rails.

On the northern edge of Tillamook Bay, in the town of Garibaldi, is the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad . This is a tourist railroad that runs from Garibaldi to Rockaway Beach on former Southern Pacific rail.

The railroad has two steam and three diesel locomotives to pull the trains of tourists up and down the coast.

Morning sketch of one of the diesels of the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, the Great Northern EMD F7 Number 274.

In present day, the workhorse of the railroad is the Prairie style 2-6-2 steam locomotive McCloud River Railroad No. 25.

This locomotive was the last steam locomotive that the McCloud River Railroad purchased new. It was a workhorse for the lumber railroad and was featured in films most notably in Hal Ashby’s biopic of Woody Guthrie Bound For Glory (1976) and Rob Reiner’s Stand By Me (1986). In Stand By Me, Number 25 was featured in the famous train dodge scene that was filmed on the Lake Britton Bridge on the Burney Branch of the McCloud River Railroad. At the time of filming, Number 25 was on home rail.

The Lake Britton Bridge, filming of the ultimate train dodge scene in Stand By Me (1985).

Number 25 came to the Oregon Coast in July 2011 and has since headed tourist trains up and down the coast.

No. 25 having her tender filled with water, from a street fire hydrant, after a days work at Garibaldi.
The front end of 25 showing the builder’s plate.
Close up of the Builder’s Plate: Number 25 was build in by ALCO in Schenectady, New York in 1925.

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