Aves de España

Before heading out on a birding trip I like to sketch the birds I might see. By sketching their form, painting their plumage, and writing down their name, I internalize the bird so when I see it in the field for the first time, a recognize the species in the same way that when you write something down or draw it, you tend to remember it better.

For a good part of my time in Spain I will be birding one of the best birding locations in Europe. Extremadura, southwest of Madrid, is world renown because it sits between Northern Europe and Africa, generating birds that are found few other places in Europe. It is the home of many raptors: Spainish imperial eagle, griffon, Egyptian, and black vultures, lesser kestrel. Not to mention the non-raptors: bee-eater, bustards, and hoopoe! Virtually every bird will be a lifer!

Each portrait includes their Spanish common name and their binomial scientific name.

The birds in English, from top left to bottom right are : woodchat shrike, Spanish sparrow, kingfisher, rock bunting, hoopoe, Egyptian vulture, black stork, great bustard, Spanish imperial eagle, green woodpecker, azure-winged magpie, little owl, Eurasian griffon vulture, lesser kestrel, black vulture, and European bee-eater.

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