Lighthouses of Maine

I couldn’t visit the Maine coast without sketching a lighthouse. I chose a lighthouse near my digs in South Portland: Portland Head Light. Which just happens to be one of Maine’s most famous sights. It is feature on posters, postcards, and paintings.

The Portland Head Lighthouse is Maine’s oldest lighthouse. Construction began in 1787 under the order of George Washington. It was completed on January 10, 1791.

The tower is 80 feet above ground and 101 feet above the water. The light is at the entrance of the main shipping lane into Portland Harbor and it’s light can be seen from 24 nautical miles.

Edward Hopper painted this lighthouse in 1927, albeit from a different angle. I felt in good company.

A little watercolor near the water. The rocks just north of the lighthouse provided the perfect sketcher’s seat. I had a raft of common eiders to keep me company.

The next day I headed toward Cape Elizabeth to visit two iconic Maine lighthouses, both where painted by Edward Hopper. Two Lights at Cape Elizabethan the lighthouse at Cape Neddnick.

Scan 225

Cape Neddick

The Nubble Lighthouse near Old York, Maine. 

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